Fall 2002

Volume 19 Number 3
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Cover Story: More Than Medicine

 Illustration of resident

Residents' Dedication Reaches Beyond Clinic Doors

By Krista Conger
Illustration by Christopher Corr

Anisha Patel, MD, MPH, walked into Lisa Chamberlain's office straight from her first night of call as a new pediatric resident at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. Pushing her hair back from her face she snatched at papers that were threatening to fall to the floor as she pulled out her notes from their last meeting. "I'd really like to help kids without health insurance," she announced. Over the next hour Patel and Chamberlain, MD, MPH, a general pediatrics fellow, began to outline a strategy to improve children's access to health care by sending letters to state assembly members, meeting with San Mateo and Santa Clara county administrators, and handing out information to the parents of Patel's uninsured patients. >> Read Story

Mission: Translational

DNA cocktails and dreams

Patient-specific treatment for Autoimmune diseases might soon be reality

Linley Erin Hall
Photographs Trujillo/Paumier

Bill Robinson, MD, PhD, knows that there must be a better way to treat his patients who have autoimmune diseases. Currently doctors use harsh chemicals to knock out the patient's entire immune system when it goes haywire and begins attacking native tissue instead of foreign invaders. These treatments make patients more susceptible to infection and cancer and often do little to relieve symptoms. "We poison them. It's a barbaric way to treat autoimmune disease," says Robinson, a Stanford rheumatology fellow. >> Read Story

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Reunion table

Alumni and their friends and families gathered at Stanford May 2-4 for the medical school's 2002 reunion weekend
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Stanford MD

Letter from SMAA President

Newton J. Harband, MD
President, Stanford Medical Alumni Association

Summer has faded into fall; a new group of medical students has arrived and received stethoscopes in an SMAA-sponsored ceremony; and your president and others, together with Dean Pizzo, have made plans for a wonderful year – full of activities and changes... >> Read Letter

Alumni Profile: If it's November, this must be Antarctica

This alum's work takes him to environmental extremes

By Mary K. Miller
Photographs courtesy of Paul Ponganis

Here's a typical workday in November for alumnus Paul Ponganis, MD, PhD: He wakes up, crawls out of his tent to brilliant Antarctic sunshine, grabs a cup of coffee and checks on his study subjects, 10 plump and healthy Emperor penguins. During the course of the day, he and his fellow biologists from Scripps Institution at UC-San Diego might bring one of the birds into their lab, place a homemade anesthesia mask over its long beak and, after the gas takes hold, implant an ECG monitor under its skin or attach a backpack for a video camera. After a quick recovery, the penguin joins its companions in a fenced yard on the sea ice, complete with two diving holes enabling the birds to go in and out of the water at will. For the rest of the day, Ponganis monitors the physiology, behavior and depth profiles of the penguins during their many foraging dives. >> Read Story

Medical School Recollection: Looking back and looking ahead

An alumnus sees new challenges for Medical education

By Joyce Thomas
Photographs Leslie Williamson

Was it a special place or were we special people at a special time?" muses William P. Creger, MD, class of 1947, as he recalls his medical school days in San Francisco. "We were young, it was 1945 and we were winning the war and living in a fascinating city."

More than 50 years later, Creger, now a Stanford emeritus professor of medicine (hematology), recalls some non-medical details that made lasting impressions. >> Read Story

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