Letter from SMAA president

Summer has faded into fall; a new group of medical students has arrived and received stethoscopes in an SMAA-sponsored ceremony; and your president and others, together with Dean Pizzo, have made plans for a wonderful year – full of activities and changes.

  • The medical school needs new education and library facilities and the school’s leaders are giving the Stanford Medicine Information Learning Environment (SMILE) project top priority. A kickoff meeting for SMILE was held in August. So be on the lookout both here and on the Web for updates and changes taking place on the medical school campus.

  • Another new wrinkle is the Council of Clinical Chairs, established in August 2002. This group of deans, CEOs, CFOs and clinical department chairs will meet twice a month to coordinate activities of the School of Medicine and SHC.

  • The Arbor Free Clinic, which is staffed by Stanford medical students, provides free medical exams and free medications to the uninsured members of the community. Located at the Menlo Park VA, the clinic is open Sundays, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. More volunteers are needed for this worthwhile project.

  • Multidisciplinary efforts in education are moving ahead: The School of Medicine and the School of Engineering have announced the formation of the Department of Bioengineering, the first cross-school department in Stanford University history. It plans to admit graduate students starting in 2003. (See “Scope”)

  • Finally, I urge everyone to make sure we have your email address. Also, please periodically check our Web site – http://med.stanford.edu/alumni/ – and its link to the Dean’s biweekly newsletter.

Newton J. Harband, MD
President, Stanford Medical Alumni Association

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