Fall 2007

Volume 24 Number 3

Willpower won't:
Why don't we do what's good for us?

Help wanted

In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, sheer grit takes you only so far >> Read Story

Your fries, my wallet

Why an unhealthy lifestyle hurts us all >> Read Story

 Interview with Larry Cohen, MSW, executive director of the Oakland-based Prevention Institute.

Q&A with Richard Simmons

What's love got to do with it? >> Read Story

 Richard Simmons on the unfolding national obesity crisis

Read this and lose 50 pounds

Yes, and in only five minutes, in your sleep, while you're cleaning your oven >> Read Story

These blocks are made for walking

The right neighborhood could add years to your life >> Read Story

The eyes of the hormone storm

Vexed by a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma deviled by hot flashes >> Read Story

Fields of plenty

Where not even farm workers escape the junk-food jungle >> Read Story

On the brink

For transplant patients, the teenage years are the most precarious >> Read Story

Patient see, patient do

The link between doctor and patient health >> Read Story



Give P's a chance

A Nobelist's quest to open our eyes to the next DNA. It's called poly P >> Read Story

Is there a critic in the house?

Poking holes in TV's medical dramas — and loving it >> Read Story

Scar wars

There's no good way to get rid of scarring, but that might be about to change >> Read Story



More Stanford Medicine

Letter from the Dean

Upfront: A quick look at the latest developments at Stanford University Medical Center

In brief: Lucious logos – Preschoolers think McDonalds equals yum

The backstory: Hazy outcome – Activists say Hollywood is blowing smoke about movie ratings