Summer 2006

Volume 23 Number 2
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Cover story:
The evolutionary war

Darwin lives

Scientists mobilize to fight the forces of intelligent design — the latest in the ongoing battle between science and creationism. >> Read Story

As good as it gets?

The human race is still evolving. Or is it? Here's a peek at the future of our gene pool. >> Read Story

Something fishy is going on

Professor David Kingsley's discoveries about stickleback fish blow arguments against evolution out of the water. >> Read Story

Darwin in medical school

You won't find evolution in any U.S. medical school's course catalog. That's a problem, some scientists say. That's why they're calling for a bigger dose of evolution in doctors' educations. >> Read Story

American veering toward theocracy

Former President Jimmy Carter details his concerns about the threat religious fundamentalism poses to America’s values. >> Read Story

Of two minds

Neuroscientist William Newsome (pictured right) describes how he balances science and faith. >> Read Story

O God: Darwin on the cross

Stanford minister Scotty McLennan objects to the latest creationist tactic. >> Read Story

Ain't it the truth?

Humorist Joel Stein marvels at the folks who spend their lives trying to convince disbelievers that evolution actually works. >> Read Story

Pick a bone, any bone

A study of bones shows how evolution works its magic. >> Read Story


More Stanford Medicine

Letter from the Dean

Upfront: A quick look at the latest developments at Stanford University Medical Center

In memory: King of hearts – Colleagues remember heart transplantation pioneer Norman Shumway.

Ask the bioethicist: Watching the chimeras – Is it ethical to put human cells into other animals?

Short take: Man's best friend – New take on infection-causing bugs.

The backstory: So not worth it – Why test a pill that can kill, if the patient is not that ill?


Stanford Med Alumni Update

Letter from SUMCAA President

Susan Knox , MD, '85
President, Stanford University Medical Center Alumni Association

A look ahead at the school's plans. >> Read Letter

Alumni profiles: Trailblazers

Stanford's medical alumni association honors Frances K. Conley (illustration, right) and Augustus A. White III with the 2006 J.E. Wallace Sterling Award for Distinguished Alumni. >> Read Story

Class Notes

Catch up on the latest news about your classmates. >> Read Story