Summer 2005

Volume 22 Number 2
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Cover Story:
Medication nation: Pills a-poppin'

America the pharmaceutical

For better and worse, we are a society steeped in drugs. Nearly half of all Americans — 123 million people — now routinely take some kind of prescription drug. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as drugs will increasingly permeate our lives, experts say. >> Read Story

What would Goldilocks do?

About 70 percent of all drugs prescribed to kids have never been tested in children, either for safety or efficacy. A complicated brew of financial, ethical and physiological hurdles has relegated kids to second-class citizens when it comes to drug development and testing. >> Read Story

Rush to safety

For years, some patient advocates and lawmakers have publicly questioned the efficacy of the FDA, the agency charged with approving and monitoring medications. But many experts agree that the real culprit isn’t the FDA itself. The problem is a severely underfunded and inadequate system for monitoring the safety of already-marketed drugs. >> Read Story

To think that I saw it on Pharmacy Street

The lighter side of America the pharmaceutical >> Read Story

A conversation with Faith Popcorn

The future of pharma: For starters, a robot will fill your prescriptions >> Read Story

The name game

Zyrtec, Gleevec, Xanax and Pronestyl — these drug names all sound like they come from another planet. Just why do drug names have all those Xs, Ys and Zs? >> Read Story

Inside the FDA panel on Cox-2 inhibitors

Stanford anesthesiology professor Steven Shafer does not like to be in the spotlight. But as a member of the FDA advisory committee that in February reviewed Cox-2 selective painkillers’ safety, he couldn’t escape it. >> Read Story


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Letter from the Dean

Letters to the editor

Faculty profile: Academic history – Halsted Holman started shaking up Stanford medical school 45 years ago. It hasn't been the same since.

’Scope: A quick look at the latest developments at Stanford University Medical Center

Ask the bioethicist: Guinea kids – Is it ethical to test drugs on children?

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Stanford Med Alumni Update

Letter from SUMCAA Association

Linda Hawes Clever, MD, '65
Past President, Stanford University Medical Center Alumni Association

Looking back and projecting forward >> Read Letter

Alumni profile: William Northway

One man's extraordinary career in children's film — X-ray film, that is >> Read Story

Class Notes

Catch up on the latest news about your classmates >> Read Story