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Dr. DMV?

Painful as it is to learn from your doctor you’re unfit to drive, it prevents serious accidents, according to a new study. MORE . . .

Wait training

Losing weight is hard; keeping it off can be even harder. MORE . . .

Too good to be true

If a study concludes that a new medical intervention has a major effect on a condition or symptom, the study is probably wrong and in reality the effect is probably lower. MORE . . .

Lung bugs

Healthy lungs teem with microbes — and they’re a different community of critters from those living in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients. MORE . . .

Parasite insight

Is the worm finally turning? Schistosomiasis, a disease caused by a tiny parasitic worm, ranks as a world-class tropical scourge. MORE . . .

Stroke Center Award

Stanford Hospital & Clinics is the first hospital to earn the nation’s newest level of certification for advanced stroke care. MORE . . .

Feeling very, very... not sleepy?

Researchers have discovered differences between hypnosis-resistant brains and hypnotizable ones. MORE . . .

New Dean

Stanford’s medical school has a new leader: Lloyd Minor, MD. An expert in balance and inner-ear disorders and the former provost of Johns Hopkins University, Minor began his post as dean Dec. 1, 2012. MORE . . .

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