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Bug food

Zeroing in on a small set of the genes from the bacteria that dwell in our intestines allows scientists to predict how the bugs would respond to a change in our diet. MORE . . .

IVF test

Researchers have developed a model to predict the outcomes of a subsequent round of in vitro fertilization for women who have already gone through an IVF cycle. MORE . . .

Antibody surprise

Antibodies have a gentler side nobody knew about until now: They function not only as soldiers but also as nurses. MORE . . .

Orphaned elders

AIDS deaths in sub-Saharan Africa have led to nearly a million orphaned elderly, or older adults living alone without the benefit of any caregivers.
MORE . . .

Smoke signals

Point-of-sale-tobacco advertising works so well on teens that federal regulators should consider barring such marketing efforts from convenience stores and gas stations. MORE . . .

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