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Where’s Holmes when we need him?

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Gut busters

A regular dose of “good” bacteria not only improves gastric-bypass patients’ digestion — it helps them lose weight. MORE . . .

Ovary tests flunk

Current diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer are woefully ineffective for early detection of the disease, say Stanford researchers. MORE . . .

National stimulus

Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, has been studying the roots of pain in the brain, applying last year for a grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue his imaging studies in the field. MORE . . .

Transplant central

For patients who receive transplants as babies and are followed at Packard through years of childhood and adolescence, “we become like parents.” MORE . . .

Cheap genes

The first few times that scientists mapped out all the DNA in a human being, in 2001, each effort cost hundreds of millions of dollars and involved more than 250 people. MORE . . .

50 at Stanford

The school is recognizing the 50th anniversary of its move from San Francisco to Palo Alto in a serious fashion. MORE . . .

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Letter from the Dean

The need for medical sleuths


Method, not madness

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