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Faces of Wrath

For plastic surgeons hoping to avoid the wrath of a disgruntled patient, the best defense is a good offense, says Richard Goode, MD, professor of otolaryngology. MORE . . .

Microbial champion

“Again with the germs Stanley?” As a young researcher, it was a constant refrain in Stanley Falkow’s life. It’s not that his mother wasn’t supportive. But in the early ‘50s she was skeptical of her son’s choice of a career in bacterial pathogenesis. MORE . . .

Cancer’s dimmer switch

Cancer starts when key cellular signals rum amok, driving uncontrolled cell growth. But scientists report that lowering levels of one cancer signal under a specific threshold reverses this process in mice, returning tumor cells to their normal, healthy state. MORE . . .

Breath-making development

Five hundred years after Leonardo da Vinci’s intricate drawings of the lung drew the attention of biologists and engineers, researchers have published the first description of how the intricate tree of airway tubes develops. MORE . . .

Dr. Doctor

After putting the remaining three years of his surgical residency on hold to earn a PhD in bioengineering, Oscar Abilez is trying to grow tissue that could be used to heal and renew the body’s critical pump and its blood supply. MORE . . .

Tear repair

Until now, doctors relied largely on hunches to choose the best treatment for women whose vaginal tissues were torn severely during childbirth. But a recent study offers hard data: A single dose of antibiotics can significantly aid healing. MORE . . .

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