Summer 2007

Volume 24 Number 2

War wounds:
Bullets, bandages and breakthroughs

Is war good for medicine?

For all the destruction and chaos it wreaks, war spurs some medical advances >> Read Story

Voices from Landstuhl

A peek at playwright Anna Deavere Smith's notebook >> Read Story

Fog of war

One soldier's struggle with the Iraq war's trademark injury >> Read Story

VideoBrett Miller talks about his injuries

Last night I dreamed of peace

Excerpts from a Vietnamese doctor's wartime diary >> Read Story

 Discovering the diaries

Calling Dr. G.I. Joe

Today's soldiers practice high-tech medicine on the battlefield >> Read Story

Q&A with Lee and Bob Woodruff

A year and a half after the ABC newsman's injury in Iraq >> Read Story

Duty, honor, compassion

A doctor in Iraq >> Read Story


War metaphors carry consequences >> Read Story




Picture imperfect

See what Monet and Degas saw >> Read Story

Pink think

The hitch with the breast cancer marketing pitch >> Read Story

The hard cell

A cancer treatment is born of an elusive blood cell few believed existed >> Read Story


More Stanford Medicine

Letter from the Dean

Upfront: A quick look at the latest developments at Stanford University Medical Center

In brief: A carton of lies – Smoking out the truth behind cigarette ads

The backstory: Got (chocolate) milk? – An unexpected ingredient in Down syndrome research