Fall 2004

Volume 21 Number 2
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Cover story:
The science and politics of stem cell research

The great stem cell divide

By Michelle L. Brandt

Stem cells are so small that they can't be seen with the naked eye, yet they tend to cause mass confusion and evoke the largest of responses. A U.S. senator recently called the field of study "the most promising research in health care, perhaps in the history of the world;" the U.S. Conference of Bishops, meanwhile, has branded the work "morally unacceptable." >> Read Story

Stem cell primer: Everything you wanted to know about stem cells but were afraid to ask

Taking the initiative: Meet the man behind the California ballot measure to fund stem cell research

The true seeds of cancer

By Amy Adams

Stanford researchers are at the epicenter of the hunt for the stem cells that underlie cancers of the blood, breast, ovaries, lung, brain and bladder, among others. >> Read Story

Teaching old cells new tricks

By Amy Adams

Everybody agrees that adult stem cells can treat diseases within their own tissues. What they can't agree on is whether adult blood-forming stem cells can repair other tissues such as the liver or heart muscle. >> Read Story

More Stanford Medicine

Letter from the dean

’Scope: A quick look at the latest developments at Stanford University Medical Center

Here's looking at you: Researchers catch stem cells in the act

Alumni profile: Ronald Levy, the antibody hero His research has led to therapies that help the body's immune system kill cancer cells.

Michael J. Fox: He's laughing at himself. But not at Parkinson's The actor knows as much about the state of brain disease research as many neuroscientists.

Ron Reagan: He supports stem cell research. Would his father have? The son of the late former president talks about his advocacy efforts.

Ask the bioethicist: Cell respect – What to do when the use of embryos in the research makes you uncomfortable.

Alumnus Tom Okarma: Stem cell harvest – A view of the controversy from the eye of the storm.

Second opinion: To be or not to be – Is a fertilized egg equivalent to a person?

Short take: Stem cells take the scenic route – If they'd only get directions, they'd make it home sooner.

Medical school recollection: Mechanically inclined – Among Jim Chandler's memories as a med student: trial-run transplant studies with young Norm Shumway.

The backstory: Physician, heal thy society – Stanford doctors take to talking politics.


Stanford MD

Letter from SMAA President

Linda Hawes Clever, MD, '65
President, Stanford Medical Alumni Association

Navigating the life of a physician. >> Read Letter

Class Notes

Catch up on the latest news from alumni members. >> Read Story

Alumni reunion

Alumni and guests got a taste of the medical school's future at this year's reunion. >> Read Story