Fall 2003

Volume 20 Number 3
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Cover Story:
The new curriculum reflects the school's overall efforts to better intertwine the basic and clinical sciences

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A More Perfect Union

By Susan Ipaktchian

Today’s medical students face a fast-paced world of discovery in which some elements of their basic science training may be outdated by the time they complete their residencies while, simultaneously, the connection between bench and bedside is growing tighter. >> Read Story

The prostate puzzle

By Mitzi Baker

The only quantitative test for the presence of prostate cancer is riddled with inconsistency and, except in cases of extreme malignancy, gives no indication of the cancer’s severity. All current treatment options have significant shortcomings so the decision about which route to pursue can be daunting. >> Read Story

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More Stanford Medicine

Letter from the Dean
’Scope: A quick look at the latest developments at Stanford University Medical Center
Mission translational: Tall order – Steroid free transplant treatment a growing success
Prickled pink: Acupuncture gains acceptance in U.S. children's hospitals
Brain flash: So that's how nerve cells transmit information so quickly


Stanford MD

Letter from SMAA President

Linda Hawes Clever, MD, '65
President, Stanford Medical Alumni Association

The start of an academic year is a quintessential transition, far more than the start of a calendar year somehow. >> Read Letter

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Alumni Memorial: Dedicated to Care

Belding Scribner, MD, dialysis pioneer and patient advocate

The death of one patient inspired Belding Scribner, MD, to invent a device that would save over a million people. Scribner, class of 1945, died in June at 82. >> Read Story

Medical School Recollection: The Little Class that Could

In 1963, a quirk of curriculum change created a tiny class with wide horizons. >> Read Story

Class Notes

Alumni dispatches beginning from the 1940s. >> Read Story